My Google Code in Experience

Starting from Nov 28, I was participating in Google Code-In contest. Its objective is to encourage young people (13-17 years old) to contribute to open source projects. It ended on Jan 17. In this time, hundreds of students (including me) completed thousands of tasks for 25 open source software projects.

I selected Ubuntu. The tasks were related to programming, documentation, quality assurance, research and translating. Because the programming tasks were mostly Python-related, I have only completed 23 of them… However, because I’m native Polish speaker, I have completed 2 translation tasks. I have written some documentation pages (for Ubuntu Packaging Guide) and tutorials (some of them are available on Ubuntu Tutorials). In fact, this was the first time when I have written (I mean OSS documentation) something bigger than a single Arch Wiki page. My English isn’t very good, but I’m getting feedback, so I can know what to change and try to avoid similar mistakes. Ubuntu has a lot of packages related to Snap packaging, including creating packages, improving snapcraft code and test-driving tutorials. It’s a nice solution that can make the world much closer to the infamous Year of the Linux Desktop… 😆 But the fragmentation in open source software is too big topic to be covered in this post…

Quality Assurance was also an interesting topic, it wasn’t only testing, but also writing test cases, one of them was completely wrong. The thing that I will keep doing after the competition (besides translating stuff, I’m doing it for some years…) is writing documentations, probably for Lubuntu project. I’m still getting better in programming, so maybe I’ll be able to contribute to LXQt (I don’t want to learn GTK) code.

Today, mentors have their last day to select the winners and finalists. They will be officially announced on Jan 31.

I would like to say thanks to all mentors who were reviewing my work, giving me suggestions and helping me with troubles. Google Code-In was a great opportunity to learn something new and meet amazing people. I will definitely participate next (in fact, this – 2018) year and I encourage others to participate in this content.

I know nobody will read it, maybe it’s better… 😆